Terms Of Sales

I - WARANTY AVAILABLE TO ALL BUYERS WHATEVER THE GOOD SOLD 1.SATISFIED OR REFUND In accordance with article 1 of Law 88-21 of January 6, 1988, the buyer has a period of 15 clear days from the delivery date to return the item in case he/she is not completely satisfied. (Please refer to the time limit on the front of the invoice). He/she must return the item to its original condition in its original package, in perfect condition and accompanied by its invoice by the same means of transport as used for delivery .. The item item will then be refunded at the purchase price. The fees of reexpedition remaining in this case at his/her charge. 2. WARRANTY The invoice issued with the item ordered is a warranty itself and must be attached in case of return of the item. We guarantee a defect or defect of any material, limited exclusively to the repair or exchange or reimbursement of the item recognized by us defective and to the extent that the defect, have been reported to us in writing within 15 days after receiving the item. 3. In any case, the provisions do not reduce or eliminate the legal warranty of hidden defects. 4. Delivery takes place only after receipt and registration of payment vouchers. If, within 10 days after the order, the payment has not been received, it will be sent to you for a refund. 5. At any time, the buyer has the possibility to access the information about him/her, contained in the file of the seller. Any abnormality reported, will be corrected immediately. The buyer is also informed that the file thus constituted may be marketed unless written disagreement on his/her part. II. - WARRANTY AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE RELATING TO CERTAIN SPECIFIC ARTICLES The following items are covered: - refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, freezers, washing machine, rotary dryers, dryer cabinets, dishwashers, , Built-in cooking hobs, extractor hoods, televisions, video recorders, chains or elements of electroacoustic chains bearing the designation "high fidelity", ironing machine. 1. REFERENCE OF THE APPLIANCE: The designation of the appliance is shown on the front of the appliance, which must be kept in a safe place. This marks the start of the specific warranty for the items listed below. 2. DELIVERY: The delivery of these items takes place at the buyer's home or any address of his choice at the time of the order. 3. SETUP : - No setup is carried out by the seller. - The purchaser will therefore be particularly careful to check: - The correct running of the item delivered, - Read the instructions provided, - To check the manufacturer's warranty certificate if it exists. The buyer him/herself puts the device into service and does so under his sole responsibility. In case of apparent defect, the buyer benefits from the right of return in the conditions mentioned above (satisfied or refunded). 4. CONTRACTUAL WARRANTY: A contractual guarantee is offered to the buyer under the following conditions: - nothing is to be paid in addition to the sale price; - Duration: the warranty period for the item is 2 years; - starting point: date of invoice; - the unit is repaired free of charge for the duration of the warranty. The following are to be understood as free repairs: - replacement of parts, handling and free shifting, transport of parts, transport of the replacement device or reimbursement of the apparatus in case of inability to repair Recognized by the vendor or the builder. Conditions of the contractual warranty: The purchaser must contact the customer service whose contact details are mentioned on the front of the invoice, follow the advice of the customer service and apply the conditions of return, mentioned above (satisfied or refunded) , Adding to his/her claim the double of his/her invoice. This warranty does not in any way reduce or waive the legal warranty of latent defects and the manufacturer's warranty if this exists. 5. LEGAL WARRANTY: This works in the following way: Provided that the buyer demonstrates the hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all the consequences (article 641 et seq. Of the Civil Code). If the buyer applies to the courts, he must do so within a "short time" from the discovery of the hidden defect (art. 1648 of the Civil Code). NOTE: In case of seeking friendly solutions prior to any legal action, it is recalled that they do not interrupt the "short delay". Repair of the consequences of the hidden defect, if proven, involves, according to the case law: - either completely free repair of the appliance, including labor and travel costs instead of the setyp by the seller; - either its replacement or the total or partial reimbursement of its price in the event that the device is totally or partially unusable; - and compensation for any damage caused to persons or property by the defect of the item. The legal warranty due by the seller does not in any way exclude the legal warranty due by the manufacturer. 6. OUT OF STOCK In case of stock shortage, the seller has the right to deliver, instead of the product offered for sale, a product with identical characteristics and composition. The packaging, as well as the trade name, may also differ from those mentioned in the audiovisual program in the case of adaptation of the product imposed by national or European legislation; It being understood that the customer may also freely and free of charge return the product to the sender within seven working days from the day after the day of delivery.


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